The Academic programme at Rukmin School is divided into 3 segments

The Primary Wing
Classes KG-2

The years spent in the primary school are among the most crucial for children as this is the time when the mind is at its highest grasping ability.
By adopting the ‘Learning by Doing’ Philosophy of teaching in the primary years programme, the ‘Mother Teacher’ at Rukmin Roots engage young minds to become inquisitive and exploratory joyful learners.

The Middle Wing
Classes 3-5

As students grow a little older and their understanding of the world around them increases, their subject base increases. The subject of EVS branches out into Science and Social Studies. With the compulsory third language Marathi another language Hindi and Sanskrit.
Moreover, activity-based learning not only imparts academic knowledge and practical skills but also broadens the horizons of the students mind and ability

The Senior Wing
Classes 6-10

As students grow up to become young adults and enter the Senior Wing, emphasis is laid on critically important skills of reading, understanding, creating, analyzing, comparing and reflecting.
The Scholastic areas of studies now include Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, While languages include English (Compulsory first language) and Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit being optional second language. The Co-scholastic scape becomes much wider with a focus on the student’s holistic development and growth, laying stress on physical Education, Art, Music, Dance, GK, Value Education and Adolescent Education Program.