The Creative Niche programme at Rukmin is designed

Creativity stands for self expression and communication through music, dance, drama, photographs, painting, drawing etc. The Creative Niche programme at Rukmin is designed to develop the creative, critical and thinking skills of the students in such manner that they are able to visualize things and depict a wide range of social issues and concerns to move people to a cause. By teaching students to describe, analyse and interpret different forms of creativity, the teachers support the students to enhance their powers of expression. The Creative Niche Programme at Rukmin School touches upon values, feelings and emotions towards an individual, society nature and environment.

Creative Activities
Band & orchestra, Calligraphy, Vocal Music, Cook & Serve, Drama, Eco Club, Kathak, Language Café, Needlework & Textile Printing, Origami & Paper Mache, Photography, Soft Skills, Tech Team.