From The Desk Of Principal

Educational Philosophy at Rukmin

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Our philosophy is to have an impactful blend of scholastic and co scholastic activities for holistic development.  We aim to create a child centric learning environment based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence’s. Due to which children turn out to be multi-faceted and multi-talented personalities, as our focus is on multi-dimensional growth. Rukmin School aspires to maximize the learning for the students by integrating the curriculum with real life experiences.  The thoughtfully designed Enrichment Programme ensures that our students are equipped to take challenges head on.

Desired Learning Outcomes at Rukmin
You learn something every day if you pay attention.
Thoughtfully laid out learning outcomes are a must for an effective and progressive curriculum. Rukmin curriculum is designed keeping the following learning outcomes in mind:
• To transform our students into CONFIDENT individuals with open mind, self – respect, ability to appreciate and the ability to make wise ethical choices.
• To create a community of LEADERS and SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS so that they can thrive and survive in any challenging situation that they might face in the future.
• To make RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS who are sensitive to the needs of environment and the community.

Mr. Pravin Ninawe